The Bunk House

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The Bunk House

10x10 yellow/red bunkhouse

10×10 yellow/red bunkhouse

Building off of our popular garden shed style, this bunk house makes great use of space to create a room that just spells “Fun”. Whether you are a grandparent looking to connect with the grandkids, a teenager who just needs your own space, or an adult just trying to be young again, the bunk house is where it all begins.

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 This Bunk house incorporates the great options listed below:

These are just some ideas of what can be done with the inside of your bunkhouse, The bunkhouse will come to you as a shell finished on the outside, and stud walls on the inside,ready for you to start the finishing touches. We can have insulated windows and door already installed at the factory.

• 2’ overhang on the front
• A bay window that creates a window seat on the inside
• An 8’ dormer that gives a more open feel and more head room.